Anne-Li Karlsson – Wall decoration

September 2014

Anne-Li Karlsson was commissioned to decorate a wall in a private home on Öland. Together with the stylist Caroline Axell they made this amazing job! Photograhy: Gustav Karlsson Frost


Anne-Li Karlsson – Vasakronan

September 2014

Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden. Anne-Li Karlsson illustrates for their magazine En Bättre Värd.

Anne-Li Karlsson – Hem & Hyra

September 2014

Anne-Li Karlsson continues to illustrate for the magazine Hem & Hyra, the Tenants Association’s member magazine.


Anne-Li Karlsson – Hufvudstaden

September 2014

Anne-Li Karlsson continues to illustrate for the property company Hufvudstaden. Their summer gift to clients, was this bulb vase to collect summer memories, and at the same time encouraging the receiver to be energy smart.

Anne-Li Karlsson – Språktidningen

June 2014

Språktidningen, The Language Magazine, writes about everything related to all languages; new words, city names, new books, new writing tool and much more. Every issue you’ll find illustrations by Anne-Li Karlsson.

Anne-Li Karlsson – Lingerie Press Days

May 2014

Anne-Li Karlsson was commissioned by Periné to interpret their different lingerie brands for the Lingerie Press Days at So Stockholm Gallery. Besides being displayed at the event, the illustrations were also printed on the invitation and the goodie bag.


Anne-Li Karlsson – Kupé

September 2013

Anne-Li Karlsson illustrated an article  about annoying characters of our time, such as ‘Little miss grandma’. Read about her and other characters in the magazine Kupé which you can pick up on any train ride with SJ.

AC_SOS alarm

Anne-Li Karlsson – SOS Alarm

June 2013

Anne-Li Karlsson was commissioned to illustrate the cover and several inlay illustrations for the Activity Report of SOS Alarm.

Publishing House: Appelberg