Annelie Carlström – Frame Magazine

November 2014

In the nov/dec issue of Frame Magazine, you can see Annelie Carlström‘s illustrations.

One article is about design hotels; Are you entitled to call your hotel a design hotel when you just added a couple of design furniture?

The other is about odd restaurants to visit; In one restaurant you dine alone, in another you are served mis-shaped vegetables, and why not visit the one where you pay the amount you think your dinner was worth!

Annelie Carlström – Roy Andersson

November 2014

The Golden Lion, Leone d’Oro, is the highest prize given to a film at the Venice Film Festival. The prize was introduced in 1949 by the organizing committee and is now regarded as one of the film industry’s most distinguished prizes.

The Golden Lion for Best Film 2014 went to:
by Roy Andersson

Illustrations in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter by Annelie Carlström.



Annelie Carlström – Vi Läser

September 2014

Göran Hägg, the Swedish author in history and rhetorics is interviewed in the latest issue of Vi Läser. Portrait by Annelie Carlström.

Annelie Carlström – Garant

September 2014

Newly released Garant fresh pasta; illustrations by Annelie Carlström. Also try one of the previous released pastas and flavours! You’ll find them at Hemköp and Willy’s.

Agency: BAS Brand Identity

AC Fokus duo

Annelie Carlström – Frihet

September 2014

Malena Ernman and Mikael Persbrandt portrayed by Annelie Carlström for Frihet Magazine.

Annelie Carlström – AniCura

September 2014

Meow! Our illustrator Annelie Carlström has made a series of cats and dogs to the Nordic animal hospital group AniCura. AniCura, offers a full range of medical and surgical services and treatments for your pets. This covers everything from preventative care and basic health care, to advanced and specialized diagnosis, intensive care and surgical procedures. The company also provides rehabilitation, physical therapy and nutritional counseling. In other words, your little ones are in good hands!

Agency: BAS Brand Identity


Annelie Carlström – Fokus

September 2014

Annelie Carlström continues to illustrate for Fokus Magazine. The latest issue with the article Wise As A Raven can be read right here!


Annelie Carlström – Dagens Nyheter and Het Parool

June 2014

 Annelie Carlström has been busy illustrating for two large newspaper!

A cover and a spread for the Swedish Dagens Nyheter Filmfredag (Movie Friday); The article is about movie directors who refuses to retire even thought they have passed the noble age of 80. Annelie Carlström was also commissioned to create the Dagens Nyheter cover illustration based on the movie ‘American Hustle’ by director David O Russell where hair plays the leading part.

Dutch Het Parool asked Annelie Carlström to draw an illustration with Hans Ubbink in mind. The fashion designer, famous for his flower patterns, recently announced that he is done working with fashion.


Annelie Carlström – Orange Is the New Black

June 2014

Are you a big fan of the prison series Orange is the new Black? Read the book on which the series is based upon, and while you’re at it, check out the cover illustration by Annelie Carlström.

Publishing house: Norstedts


Annelie Carlström – Vi Läser

June 2014

In the May issue of Vi Läser you can read about Majgull Axelsson’s favorite word, among other things. Her portrait was illustrated by Annelie Carlström.


Annelie Carlström – Volkskrant Magazine

June 2014

Illustration for the Dutch Volkskrant magazine. The illustration was made Annelie Carlström for an essay called ‘Love & Drama‘, which tells us about the phenomenon of being obsessed with your loved one.

AC_Fashion NY

Annelie Carlström – Illustration Now! Fashion

February 2014

Taschens new title “Illustration Now! Fashion” is packed with fashion illustrations from all over the world. Annelie Carlström is contributing with two spreads of her charcoal artwork.


Annelie Carlström – Aritzia

January 2014

Canadian retailer Aritzia asked Annelie Carlström to make a portrait of film director Wes Anderson for their online magazine. Read the article here!

ac filmfredag

Annelie Carlström – Dagens Nyheter Filmfredag

November 2013

Annelie Carlström was commissioned by Dagens Nyheter to create illustrations to accompany their article on the fascination for prison stories in film and on television. Among other things she portrayed the classic The Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins as well as the new series Orange is the new Black.

Annelie Carlström – Garant

September 2013

Now you can find the newly released fresh pasta from Garant in the grocery stores, with illustrations by Annelie Carlström.


Annelie Carlström – Amnesty

September 2013

This illustrated text by Annelie Carlström was made for Amnesty International. The goal of the campaign is to put an end to maternal mortality.

Agency: Garbergs


Annelie Carlström nominated at Kolla! 2013

August 2013

Annelie Carlström’s portrait and pattern for First Aid Kit and the Swedish music festival Way Out West has been nominated at Kolla! 2013. Fingers crossed on the 11th September, when the winners will be announced.

Annelie Carlström – Het Parool

June 2013

Recently you could see illustrations by Annelie Carlström in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool; A cover illustration of a crown and a spread of the new king Willem Alexander.