Dennis Eriksson – Tiger of Sweden

October 2014

Dennis Eriksson‘s designed patterns for Tiger of Sweden‘s accessories has been released! You’ll find handkerchiefs, underwear and scarves in a retail store near you!

Dennis Eriksson – Medeltidsmuseum

September 2014

Dennis Eriksson made 12 illustrations for The Museum of Medieval Stockholm, to tell the story of medieval times. All of them has been printed on canvas to be seen as a permanent part of the museum. The museum was opened in 1986 and reopened in 2010. It describes the emergence and medieval development of Stockholm and is built up around some of the permanent heritage monuments, which came to light during the archaeological excavations on Helgeandsholmen (The Island of the Holy Spirit) between 1978 and 1980. The display area comprises 1,750 square metres and there are some 850 objects on display. The objects come from the whole of the town area.

Agency: Essen International

Dennis Eriksson – Svenska Designpriset nominee

September 2014

Dennis Eriksson has been nominated to the Svenska Designpriset in the category Film. The winner will be announced in October. Fingers crossed!

Agency: Intellecta


Dennis Eriksson – Vasakronan

September 2014

A cover illustration for Vasakronan‘s own magazine En Bättre Värd by Dennis Eriksson.

Dennis Eriksson – Dagens Nyheter

September 2014

In the second season of House of Cards, they talk about the ‘deep web’, a secret dark side of the internet where ordinary search engines and browsers can’t reach. An underground network which, in the TV series “represent 96 percent of the entire online world”. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter got curious and dived right into the deep web, finding counterfeiting, death threats, old-fashioned graphics and more. Read the article here! Illustrations by Dennis Eriksson.

Dennis Eriksson – Poesi på G

August 2014

Get ready with your headphones! On the 28th August a Swedish poetry app will be launched, Poesi på G, where Swedish celebrities will read poetry to you. The talented author Sara Paborn is the genius behind this app. Illustrated logotype and patterns by Dennis Eriksson.

Agency: Le Bureau

Dennis Eriksson – Dujour

August 2014

Dennis Eriksson illustrated for an article about Gym Wars for Dujour Magazine in New York.

Dennis Eriksson – SBAB

June 2014

Dennis Eriksson  made a series of illustrations of famous buildings for SBAB Bank, the intention was to illustrate how much money the Swedes lose on bad interests (and that they should change to SBAB Bank instead).

Agency: Le Bureau

Kolla! 2014 nominees announced

June 2014

Kolla! is a yearly competition that is arranged by Svenska Tecknare, Swedish Illustrators, a organization for illustrators, graphic designers, animators and cartoonists. This year’s nominees has been annouced, and 3 of our illustrators was nominated:

Bo Lundberg for Illustration Teaching and Fact Books; Volvo Trucks

Dennis Eriksson for Illustration Picture Books; Portraits

Mia Nilsson for Illustration Picture Books; Hugo

Dennis Eriksson for Illustration Editorial; Svenska Turistföreningen

Bo Lundberg for Illustration Advertising; Roundabout Theatres

Dennis Eriksson – Alcro

June 2014

Spring is nigh! Dennis Eriksson designed a bunch of birdies for the paint manufacturer Alcro’s pre-spring campaign. The birds can be seen in Alcro’s shops and resellers nation-wide.

Agency: Le Bureau

Dennis Eriksson – Vasakronan

June 2014

Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden. They have commissioned Dennis Eriksson to illustrate for their first of 4 films, to tell the story of the Office Evolution. Enjoy!

Dennis Eriksson – Fokus Reinfeldt

June 2014

Is being a safe, stable and experienced politician the best way to keep the power? If you’re Germany’s Angela Merkel, it seems to be the winning concept. The “you know what you get” principles might have trickled through to the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s staff, is he trying to play the Merkel card? Read about in Fokus. Portraits by Dennis Eriksson.

Dennis Eriksson – Fråga kultureliten

March 2014

‘Fråga kultureliten’ is a TV show where Swedish personalities in culture are asked questions regarding everything cultural, such as art, life and death. Portrait genius Dennis Eriksson illustrated the intro for the show.

Does this seem like something up your alley? Fråga kultureliten airs Tuesdays on Swedish Public Service channel SVT2.


Dennis Eriksson – Svenska Turistföreningen

February 2014

Each year since 1886, the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) has published an annual book with different themes to inspire Swedes and international travelers to visit Sweden. After 128 books STF has decided that the 2013 book was the last yearbook to be published. They have now released an anthology including selected pieces from each decennium with illustrations by Dennis Eriksson.

Dennis Eriksson – Café Magazine

February 2014

Can Zlatan Ibrahimovic become the best football player in the world? In the February issue the Swedish men’s magazine Café explain why PSG could be the winner of Champions League this spring. Illustrations by Dennis Eriksson.

Dennis Eriksson – Party cards

February 2014

Dennis Eriksson‘s party cards are here!
The table place cards for kids’ birthday parties as well as theme parties, corporate parties and other festivities.
Available in Woo Shop at Hökens gata 8, Stockholm and soon on

Dennis Eriksson – DDB office

February 2014

The ad agency DDB commissioned Dennis Eriksson to decorate their windows, the creations can be seen at their Stockholm office.


Dennis Eriksson – Fokus

January 2014

Fokus is a weekly magazine aiming to recap, deepen and explain the week’s most important events in politics, economics, science, culture, trends and health. On the cover of issue 3 – 2014, is the renowned Swedish author and journalist Jan Guillou’s portraits by Dennis Eriksson.


Dennis Eriksson – Tecknaren

January 2014

Read about Dennis Eriksson and his new book ‘Portraits’ in this issue of Tecknaren.


Dennis Eriksson – JC

September 2013

For their 50th Anniversary, Sweden’s largest jeans store chain JC, celebrated with balloons, popcorn, cotton candy and an old school photo wall with cut-outs. The wall, illustrated by Dennis Eriksson, presented the typical denim looks of the previous decades. Which look is you favorite?

Commissioner: Ibeyo Studio