Gustav Dejert – Eldorado

October 2014

More packaging from Eldorado candy series by Gustav Dejert and Retail Design Stockholm. See the previous released ones here!


Gustav Dejert – Storytime

September 2014

Storytime – the monthly magazine for kids filled with classic tales to read, love and share. Latest issue with Gustav Dejert for the story about The Owl and The Pussy-cat.


Gustav Dejert – Tandläkartidningen

September 2014

A power failure can cause many unfortunate events. A patient with fear for the dentist, experienced a power failure after a being given local anesthetic, and thought she went blind. This and more anecdotes by the dentists’ themselves can be found in The Swedish Dental Association’s magazine Tandläkartidningen. From now on with illustrations by Gustav Dejert.

Gustav Dejert – Eldorado

September 2014

At last the new bags of Eldorado candy has been launched. Gustav Dejert designed 20 new bags with Retail Design Sthlm. Here are 4 of them. Yummy!

Agency: Retail Design Stockholm

Gustav Dejert – Courrier

September 2014

The French newspaper Courrier International‘s Japanese edition Courrier Japon commissioned Gustav Dejert to illustrate for the cover and 7 articles in the no.5 issue.

Gustav Dejert – Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs

September 2014

Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Company in Australia just released a brand  new range of Natural Flavoured Mineral Water. Gustav Dejert illustrated the labels.


Gustav Dejert – Brago

June 2014

Gustav Dejert  was commissioned by Göteborgskex to make cookie monsters for their Brago cracker packages. There’s crackers for every occasion and hungry kid; number crackers for the mathematical kid, letters for the book worm and crackers in the shape of farm habitants for the animal loving child! You can now find them in your nearest grocery store.

Agency: Pond


Gustav Dejert – Family Living

June 2014

Gustav Dejert illustrated an article on the doll house trend in the Swedish magazine Family Living.


Gustav Dejert – Dagens Næringsliv

February 2014

Are you hiding your beloved pulp literature behind classy and intellectual novels? Can you find these guilty pleasures in Gustav Dejert‘s illustration for the Norwegian Dagens Nærlingsliv?


Gustav Dejert – Topphälsa

January 2014

Free your Creativity! That’s what you should do for your well-being, according to the Swedish health magazine Topphälsa. Illustration by Gustav Dejert.


Gustav Dejert – Hus & Hem

September 2013

Gustav Dejert illustrated a column for Swedish Hus & Hem magazine, which dealt with the topic of coming together in the summer house and the issues surrounding this.



Gustav Dejert – Jerry’s Day Out

August 2013

Keep your eyes open for the interactive book ‘Jerry’s Day Out’, soon to be released by the Canadian InkRobin. All illustrations by Gustav Dejert.