Mia Nilsson – Roygalan 2014

November 2014

Roygalan is initiated made by Swedish Film & TV Producers’ Association to promote Sweden´s best commercials and the people behind them. The awarded categories are: Best Commercial, Best Commercial Director, Best Commercial Photographer, Best Animation, Best Interactive Commercial, Best Visual Effect, ”Folkets Pris” and Royalty.

This years Roygala will be held November 12 at Berns/Chinateatern. Doors open 19:00.

Royalty is a special award instituted to promote better gender balance with focus to increase the number of female commercial directors in Sweden. It will be given to a person, organization or company who, through their efforts during the past year has created more opportunities and contributed to a better balance in the industry.

Commercial by Mia Nilsson.


Mia Nilsson – Lära

October 2014

Read about the pilot project at 8 elemetary schools in Sweden, on how to reduce food waste and increase the proportion of organic food in the latest issue of LÄRA; published by the Education Department in Stockholm. Illustration by Mia Nilsson.


Mia Nilsson – Hugo Vilken Cirkus

September 2014

The popular children’s book HUGO-Elak, Blodtörstig och Jättefarlig? by Mia Nilsson, released last year, has finally been joined by the sequel HUGO-Vilken Cirkus. The circus alligator Hugo is trying to transform his neighboring wild animals into acrobats. Get your kid this hilarious book here!


Mia Nilsson – Little Finger Magazine

September 2014

Little Finger Magazine  is a free publication for contemporary visual art, culture and ‘nonsense’. In issue #7, Mia Nilsson is published with an illustration, also sold as a kitchen towel at Picasso Pictures.


Mia Nilsson – King Magazine

September 2014

King Magazine has listed 10 of Sweden’s political scandals in their September issue. Illustrations by Mia Nilsson.


Mia Nilsson – Energimyndigheten

September 2014

The Swedish Energy Agency works for the use of renewable energy, improved technologies, a smarter end-use of energy, and mitigation of climate change. They have now released a book for companies and organizations to guide and encourage them to a more efficient energy use. All illustrations by Mia Nilsson.

Mia Nilsson – Hugo Vilken Cirkus

September 2014

Only a couple of days before the release of the second book about Hugo, a crocodile living in northern part of Sweden. The sequel Hugo – Vilken Cirkus can be purchased in book stores or through Adlibris. Author and illustrator is Mia Nilsson.


Mia Nilsson – Fashion girls

June 2014

Mia Nilsson  is working on a new project, interpreting girls wearing different fashion brands; Minimarket, Burberry Prorsum and Miu Miu.


Mia Nilsson – Svensk bokhandel

June 2014

Mia Nilsson was commissioned by Svensk bokhandel to illustrate the cover for their summer 2014 catalogue.

Kolla! 2014 nominees announced

June 2014

Kolla! is a yearly competition that is arranged by Svenska Tecknare, Swedish Illustrators, a organization for illustrators, graphic designers, animators and cartoonists. This year’s nominees has been annouced, and 3 of our illustrators was nominated:

Bo Lundberg for Illustration Teaching and Fact Books; Volvo Trucks

Dennis Eriksson for Illustration Picture Books; Portraits

Mia Nilsson for Illustration Picture Books; Hugo

Dennis Eriksson for Illustration Editorial; Svenska Turistföreningen

Bo Lundberg for Illustration Advertising; Roundabout Theatres


Mia Nilsson – Fritidshem

June 2014

“Fritidshem Vägledning – pedagogiskt förhållningssätt” is the title of the book for people working at after-school centers. Mia Nilsson has illustrated both the cover and inlay pictures of the book. The book discusses children’s reactions, thoughts and actions and the weight of grown-ups pedagogic approach in given situations.

Author: Lars Andersson

Mia Nilsson – Laviva

June 2014

German women’s magazine Laviva asked Mia Nilsson to illustrate a couple of ladies for their latest issue.

Mia Nilsson – Gofika

June 2014

Mia Nilsson created this motif for Göteborgs Kex‘s limited Gofika thermos. During May you can buy a few packets of cookies and get this thermos as a gift.

mia nilsson

Mia Nilsson – New Website

June 2014

Mia Nilssons new website is now up and running! Have a look here.


Mia Nilsson – Lässugen on UR

April 2014

Mia Nilsson is one of the talented authors to be read aloud in the new series “Lässugen” (Eager to Read) produced by UR, the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company. This week Nour El-Refai read Mia Nilsson’s debut title ”Hugo” – a story about a misunderstood crocodile.

The series consists of a well-known mix of actors and artists, stories from talented authors and a resourceful six year old girl named Amanda, and aims to inspire parents to read aloud to their children. Amongst the narrators you’ll also meet Eva Röse, Leif Andrée and many more.

To see Nour El-Refai read Hugo, click here!


Mia Nilsson – HUGO

February 2014

Did you miss out on Mia Nilsson’s children’s book “Hugo: elak, blodtörstig och jättefarlig?”. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter listed this title as one of 9 children’s book (3-6 years) to buy!


Mia Nilsson – Bildordboken

January 2014

Now you can enjoy even more adorable creatures by Mia Nilsson in the newly released children’s book “Bildordboken”. This is the second title she collaborates with the author Anna Ribbing.


Mia Nilsson – Coesia calendar

January 2014

COESIA is a group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Mia Nilsson  was asked by COESIA to illustrate the month of April in their company’s calendar for 2014.


Mia Nilsson – Djurens ABC

September 2013

There are different kind of animals. Large and small. Common and rare. Dotty and striped. Animals with eight legs and ones that has none. And of course the ones we make up ourselves. In this book ‘Djurens ABC‘ by Anna Ribbing, you can find all sorts of animals, A-Ö, illustrated by Mia Nilsson.


Mia Nilsson – Apotekens Service

August 2013

Once again Mia Nilsson was commission to illustrate the Interim Report of Apotekens Service (The Pharmacy Service).