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Olaf Hajek – Kasteelfeesten

June 2014

Kasteelfeesten in Belgium is a festival held at the Castle of Hingene.

In 1809 Charles-Joseph, 4th Duke d’Ursel, was appointed mayor of the city of Brussels by Napoleon. One year later, he received the Emperor and Empress when they were visiting the Low Countries. At the Kasteelfeesten (Castle Festival) The Duke d’Ursel receives the Emperor with music and dance, military parades and a great number of festivities.

Festival poster by Olaf Hajek.

Photo: Frédéric Coune


Olaf Hajek – CLIO award 2014

June 2014

Olaf Hajek was awarded the 2014 Clio award for Best Illustration in Print medium!

Olaf Hajek’s winning illustration, the 2013 Macy’s Flower Show poster, was elevated to win the Grand Clio 2014 for best project in Print medium worldwide. Yippee!


Olaf Hajek – Covers

June 2014

Olaf Hajek  has been busy illustrating the covers for Italian paper La Lettura as well as Weleda’s magazine Werde.


Olaf Hajek – Swatch

February 2014

In 1983 the Swiss watch maker Swatch revolutionised the market with their playful and affordable plastic watches. They have ever since been collaborated with many artists. On the 20th March 2014, two limited edition watches The Flowerhead and Nature Man will be launch, designed by Olaf Hajek. Only 888 pieces of the new collection are available.


Olaf Hajek – Beymen

January 2014

Beymen is the luxury department store to visit in Turkey, with over 400 international brands and their own sub-brands Beymen Home, Beymen Kids, Beymen Bridal and Beymen Chocolate. Olaf Hajek made the illustrations for the opening campaign as well as the store guide for their seventh store of 10,000m2 at the brand new Zorlu Center in Istanbul.

Olaf Hajek – Still Life solo show

October 2013

The exhibition Still life by Olaf Hajek can now be seen at AJL ART in Berlin.


Olaf Hajek – Cicero Magazine

September 2013

Olaf Hajek made the October 2013 cover and inside illustration for the political German CICERO Magazine.


Olaf Hajek – Exhibition ‘Still Life’

September 2013

Olaf Hajek – Crate & Barrel

August 2013

For their 50th anniversary, the American Crate & Barrel assigned 12 artists to decorate their classic tea pot, one for each month of this year (2013). August is the month of Olaf Hajek!


Olaf Hajek – 25hr Hotels

August 2013

Each room at the 25hr Hotel Vienna has been decorated with a piece of artwork by Olaf Hajek. The hotel describes the atmosphere as follows:

‘Whether museum district or Prater, Opera, Life Ball, or one of the countless music and theater stages, for the visitors to the cosmopolitan city, Vienna has always stood for sensationalism and show, for seeing and being seen. As symbol for the spectacle, the 25hours Hotel at Museums Quartier has taken from the traditions of the circus institution. It is a place of surreal, surprising and sexy allure, where the fantastic and exotic delight. Always on the move – like the hotel guest – the temporary character is present, with real artisanship and art. Improvisation, seeming juxtapositions and eclecticism are felt in the 25hours Hotel Vienna. Sawdust meets heavy velvet curtains, raw concrete meets fluffy carpet.’

Sweet dreams!


Olaf Hajek – Audubon Magazine

June 2013

In Audubon Magazine June 2013 you can enjoy Olaf Hajek’s column illustration about the Great Egret. Audubon Society helped stop the hunting of this endangered species.