Petra Börner at Isetan

November 2014

Hurray! Now you can buy Petra Börner at Isetan Department Store in Japan!

Petra Börner – Thyren

September 2014

Each season the Korean fashion brand Thyren choses a renowned illustrator to create their motifs and patterns. The current collection features Petra Börner‘s paper cut artwork. Fashion photos from Marie Claire Magazine.

Petra Börner – Pocket Shop

September 2014

Pocket Shop has released a series of stationary with illustrations by Petra Börner. The series include notebooks, a luggage tag, a book cover and a tote bag.


Petra Börner – Scandinavian Pattern Collection

September 2014

A Tenugui (手拭い) is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton. It can be used for anything a towel could be used for – as a washcloth, dishcloth, but often as a headband, souvenir or decoration. Petra Börner designed a collection for Scandinavian Pattern Collection in Japan.


Petra Börner – V&A Awards

September 2014

Congratulations! Petra Börner was nominated to the V&A Awards 2014 in the category Book Cover Illustrations!

Part of a new series “Legends from the Ancient North”, The Saga of the Volsungs is one of the classic books that influenced JRR Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”.


Petra Börner – Glamour Awards

September 2014

This Pink Summer backdrop made for Glamour Awards 2014 was designed by Petra Börner! Here with the fashionista Alexa Chung, who won the Glamour Women of the Year Entrepreneur Award.


Petra Börner – Heal’s

June 2014

Named after the year in which the London furniture and home accessory company Heal’s was established, the line Heal’s 1810 celebrates the launch of its first own fabric collection since the 1970′s.

This time they’ve worked with a number of designers and amongst them is Petra Börner. The Lady Jane print, designed by Petra Börner, is based on vintage horticultural images and combines floral imagery with bold lines and sharp colors, reminiscent of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. This coordinating accessories line will be available in the shape of notebooks, kitchen textiles, cushions, scarves, outdoor furniture etc.

Petra Börner – Heal’s

February 2014

Furniture and home accessory company Heal’s has released its first own-brand collection of textiles since the 1970′s.
This time they’ve worked with a number of designers and amongst them is Petra Börner. The print which is called Lady Jane will be available in the shape of note books, kitchen textiles, cushions, scarves and outdoor furniture etc.


Petra Börner – Penguin Books

February 2014

“Legends from the Ancient North” are five classics of Norse literature that inspired J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic vision in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Reading them brings us as close as we will ever get to the magical worlds of the Vikings and the origins of their twentieth-century counterpart: Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Cover illustrations by Petra Börner for Penguin Books.

Read the behind the scenes interview with Petra Börner and the art director Isabelle de Cat here.

PB_Cosmos Colour

Petra Börner – Cosmos collection

January 2014

The Cosmos Collection is an unique collaboration between Petra Börner and Studio Thomson. The new products and colors were presented at Spotted / Top Drawer last week and are soon to be available at or in our physical shop at Hökens gata 8 in Stockholm.


Petra Börner – Pushkin Press

January 2014

Pushkin Press has released a collection of Stefan Zweig’s books, you can now find new releases of A Chess Story, Burning Secret, Confusion and Fear. All four books have new covers designed by David Pearson and illustrated by Petra Börner.

PB_Claire de Rouen

Petra Börner – Claire de Rouen

January 2014

Claire de Rouen Books is the only specialist photography and fashion bookshop in Soho London. They stock contemporary photobooks, out of print titles, self-published zines, fashion monographs and look books, as well as a carefully-edited list of international magazines. They also sell unique prints and limited editions, like these new screen prints by Petra Börner.


Petra Börner – Kolla! Winner

September 2013

Petra Börner won the Kolla! 2013 Award in the category Illustration in Advertising for Systembolaget, together with the agency Kollo!


Petra Börner nominated at Kolla! 2013

August 2013

Over the past year Petra Börner has made a series of cut-out illustrations for Systembolaget. This very series has been nominated to Kolla! 2013 in the category Advertising. The winner will be announced on the 11th September.

Agency: Kollo


Petra Börner – Royal Swedish Opera

June 2013

Petra Börner was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Opera to make a series of posters for the Opera House. First out is this ‘SUMMER’ poster! The illustration was also used on their website and in the event calendar.

Designer: Stockholm Graphics