Sac Magique – Apoteket

June 2014

The summer sun has returned once again, be sure to protect the little ones from the rays. You can find the sun hat illustrated by Sac Magique at Apoteket.

Agency: Kollo.

Sac Magique – Random

March 2014

This animated promo was produced by Sac Magique in collaboration with Anima Boutique for iPad app Random. This is what the app is all about, in the words of the creators:

“Random is an anonymous portal for finding the unexpected. One thing leading to another. Never showing the same thing twice. Powered by machine learning that adapts to your interests. A combination of relevance and surprise.”


Sac Magique – Pollen

March 2014

Sac Magique designed this sleeve for Australian indie rockers Pollen and their LP Our Frozen Sea. Available on limited edition 180 gsm vinyl here.

Sac Magique – Prints

February 2014

Need to add some color to a dull wall somewhere? No worries, Sac Magiques screen and block prints are available here, all in variating editions. Though the ‘Parp’ prints are in the strictest sense not an edition as each one is unique. The ink has been applied extremely thickly to achieve a sloppy almost painterly effect and the prints take 3 months to dry. Ain’t that something?


Sac Magique – Mondo

January 2014

This piece was published in January’s issue of Finnish travel magazine Mondo. Every month Sac Magique illustrates for the Concierge feature which answers travel questions. This month Mondo highlighted the island of Curacao and Tumba festival.

SM_mondo_coney island

Sac Magique – Mondo Magazine

August 2013

Mondo is a magazine for everyone interested in travelling, both for those who travel a lot and those who dream of vacations. Mondo provides useful information and fantastic reading experiences for travellers. This Coney Island illustration by Sac Magique was made for the regular feature Concierge; the readers’ own travel tips.


Sac Magique – Image Magazine

August 2013

This full page illustration for Image Magazine by Sac Magique was inspired by the future Ferris wheel to be placed in the Helsinki harbour.