Stina Wirsén – Yogashala Stockholm

December 2014

After the release of the popular Yogashala Stockholm Ashtanga Yoga book with illustrations by Stina Wirsén, we now proudly present these exclusive, limited prints. All profit goes to the Odanadi orphanage in India. Odanadi is a small organisation based in Mysore, south India. They rescue and rehabilitate individuals who have been trafficked, prostituted, enslaved and abused. They offer them a home, counselling, an education and career opportunities. Click here to support Odanadi!

Photographer: Anna Rut Fridholm

SW Bukowskis2

Stina Wirsén – Barndiabetesfonden

October 2014

The Swedish auction house Bukowskis has arranged an auction to collect money for the Child Diabetes Fund. Among the items you can find Stina Wirsén original artwork. The auction is taking place in two weeks, on the 14th November, but you can place a bid online now. Click below!

Paris 2013

Brokiga i Badet


Stina Wirsén – Winterviken

September 2014

Save the date! An exhibition with Stina Wirsén at Winterviken is coming up, with grand opening on Sunday 12th October 11am-4pm. The exhibition is divided in three sections: Brokiga children’s books’ illustrations, fashion illustrations and illustrations from Stockholm’s restaurants and nightlife.

The week after, on Sunday 19th October at 11am you can bring your kids for a kids’ workshop with Stina Wirsén and Anna Hörling! Age: 5+.

Winterviken, Vinterviksvägen 60, Gröndal, Sweden

Stina Wirsén – Brokiga

September 2014

There’s a lot going on in the Brokiga world. Beside the upcoming exhibition and book release at Winterviken, Stockholm, on the 12th October, theses amazingly cute dolls has been released. Designed by Stina Wirsén. They have all been manufactured and produced in a World Fair Trade Certified factory.

Stina Wirsén – Scandinavian Pattern Collection

September 2014

Stina Wirsén has designed 3 tengui for the Japanese company Scandinavian Pattern Collection. Tengui is a multi purpose fabric; wrap a gift or make yourself a headband on a windy autumn day.


Stina Wirsén – Barn

September 2014

Illustration by Stina Wirsén for Save The Children‘s magazine Barn, about father instincts.

Stina Wirsén – Tinas Helg

September 2014

Once again Stina Wirsén illustrated for the Swedish chef Tina Nordström. This new title are filled with recipes for a successful weekend: Tinas Helg.

Publisher: Bonnier Fakta

Stina Wirsén – Liten

September 2014

The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Brottsoffermyndigheten) is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice and led by a Director-General appointed by the Government. Its overall aim is to look after the rights of all crime victims and to draw public attention to their needs and interests. Together with Stina Wirsén and the publisher Bonnier Carlsen, this important book for children aged 4-7 has been realized and released. The story about Liten (Little) communicates with the preschoolers how it can be in a family with difficulties and most importantly, what they can do. Read the digital (Swedish) version here!


Stina Wirsén – Yogashala Stockholm

September 2014

At last, this Ashtanga yoga book illustrated by Stina Wirsén for Yogashala Stockholm is here! It guides you through the basic position of the body-and-mind practice of Ashtanga yoga. All profit goes to the orphanage Odanadi and the organization V-Care in Mysore, India. Buy it here!


Stina Wirsén – Last Chance

August 2014

This weekend is the last chance to see the exhibition Swedish Fashion Design 2000-2015 att Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum in Stockholm. Stina Wirsén is showing fashion illustration from the same period in the Haute Couture room, 4th floor.

Friday 29/8: 11am-7PM

Saturday 30/8: 11AM-5PM

Sunday 31/8: 11AM-5PM

Stina Wirsén for Stockholm Culture Festival 2014

August 2014

In collaboraton with a Spanish animation team, Stina Wirsén made this animation for Stockholm Culture Festival 2014. It was projected on to the building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the festival on the 12-17 August.


Stina Wirsén – Fashion Sketches at Sven Harry’s Konstmuseum

June 2014

Sven Harry’s Konstmuseum in Stockholm is showing Swedish Fashion 2000-2015 from 23rd May – 31st August. If you are in Stockholm this summer, don’t miss out on this opportunity! You can see creations from Acne, Rodebjer, Nakkna, Bea Szenfeld, Ann-Sofie Back and Cheap Monday among many other. As the icing on the cake you can also enjoy fashion sketches from the same period by Stina Wirsén. Many of them made for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

SW_rb 1000x320px

Stina Wirsén – Save the Children

June 2014

Lilla Ärtan (Little Green Bean) is Stina, Anna och Carin Wirsén‘s latest contribution to the Brokiga Family. The doll is the product of a  collaboration with Save the Children Sweden. Lilla Ärtan is a part of the Save the Children Sweden Design shop’s spring collection, where nearly half of the proceeds go to the Save the Children organization.


Stina Wirsén – Ingleby Farms & Forests

February 2014

Ingleby Farms & Forests has farms in Argentina, Australia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Peru, Romania, Uruguay and in the United States. Their mission is to produce healthy, nutritious food while actively promoting biodiversity, fertile soil, and greener energy sources. The Ingleby Kitchen is a cook book filled with inspiration and recipes. All illustrations by Stina Wirsén.

Graphic Designer: Matilda Plöjel


Stina Wirsén – Arla

December 2013

Maybe you’ve seen Stina Wirséns characters at the dairy sections? You will have no trouble spotting them during the Christmas holidays, because yet again, Stina was asked by Arla to illustrate different santa helpers for their dairy products.

Stina Wirsén – Bric-a-Brac

October 2013

The winner of The Swedish Publishing Prize for the category Biography goes to Bric-a-Brac. Illustrations by Stina Wirsén.

Graphic Designer: Mikael Engblom


Stina Wirsén – LEX BOK

September 2013

Sara Kadefors, the August Prize winner of 2001 (with Sandor slash Ida), has released a new book ‘LEX BOK‘ that has been nominated for the August Prize 2013. Cover by Stina Wirsén.

Stina Wirsén – Åhléns

September 2013

The Swedish department store Åhléns City has uncovered their new Beauty Department today. A 22 meter permanent artwork by Stina Wirsén is decorating the walls, painted on the handmade tiles.

In collaboration with Kakelmakeriet in Askersund.


Stina Wirsén – Stockholm’s University

June 2013

Stina Wirsén was commissioned to illustrate the booklet ‘Management policy at Stockholm’s University’. The result was illustrations linked together with flowing ink lines.