Sue Doeksen – De Luchtpost

September 2014

De Luchtpost is an exhibition by Sue Doeksen in collaboration with the product designer Jeroen van Leur. The interior concept was inspired by pharmacies; each product is a medicine, and presented in a repetitive way. Limited to three products; fireworks, a plane and a kite; which represent celebration, overview and relaxation.

De Luchtpost will also be presented at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven between 16th-26th October in the building of Piet Hein Eek.

Sue Doeksen – Dordrecht

September 2014

These and many more illustrations by Sue Doeksen, were made for the website and other types of communication for City of Dordrecht in The Netherlands.

Sue Doeksen – Guides for 50 plus people

June 2014

“Guide for women over 50″ and “Guide for men over 50″ are two awesome guide books about the fantastic life after you’ve had your 50th birthday. The books are filled with Sue Doeksen’s illustrations as well as interviews, news and insights on the decade known as the best time of your life.

Authors: Rietje Krijnen & Henny de Vos

Sue Doeksen – Stockholms Lokaltrafik

June 2014

Sue Doeksen illustrated a campaign for Stockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), Stockholm public transport, promoting the SL Business Tickets.

Agency: Made To Order

SD pictoplasma2

Sue Doeksen – Mood Swings

June 2014

Mood Swings is the rotating piece of art by Sue Doeksen, the composition of the flags can be altered so that what you see reflects who you are at a certain moment in time. The piece is shown at Pictoplasma in Berlin.

Since its inception in 2004, the annual Pictoplasma Berlin Festival has established itself as the main meeting point for an international audience of visual creators and producers. The event is an unconventional design conference, a forward looking animation film festival, a communal playground for collaborative creation, a surprising tour of gallery exhibitions – and is all about the fun of encountering like minded people.


Sue Doeksen – Eye Amsterdam

February 2014

For the yearly International animation festival KLIK!, Sue Doeksen made two mobiles inspired by Cartoon Modern – a style of animation that evolved in the 50′s as a reaction to the sweet and soft animation world of Walt Disney. She made two Intergalactic space mobiles also using 50′s design shapes and patterns. The mobiles are over 6 meters large!

SD_Liseberg Final

Sue Doeksen – Liseberg

February 2014

Sue Doeksen was asked to illustrate six posters for internal use at Liseberg amusement park located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The purpose of the posters were to present their new visual identity and brand platform to the staff of Liseberg.

Agency: Happy F&B

Sue Doeksen – Nödkontanter

February 2014

Nödkontanter offers you a fast and safe loan. The pattern is designed by Sue Doeksen for the loan company’s graphic identity.

Agency: Linderoths

Sue Doeksen – A Great Escape

August 2013

The exhibition ‘A Great Escape’ by Sue Doeksen took place during Pictoplasma 2013 in Berlin.

“Escaping or wanting to leave from where you are is a universal feeling and has many levels. For the exhibition I illustrated the steps of an escape (using drawings, interactive charts and moving objects. The idea is not so much to show people how or where they should go, but to make them realize when it is time to go and to inspire them to make the jump or take the leap”.


Sue Doeksen – Flow Magazine

July 2013

This editorial illustration by Sue Doeksen for the Dutch magazine Flow, was made for an article about the pro’s and con’s with moving to the countryside when time to raise a family.


Sue Doeksen – Have a Nice Day Festival

June 2013

“Have a Nice Day Festival” is a music festival in Eibergen, Holland, that lasts exactly one day / 24 hours. Sue Doeksen created the visual concept.