Tyra von Zweigbergk – MMMG

September 2014

“Every day we use various kinds of cups in order to replenish for our bodies with a sip of water, a cup of dark coffee or a glass of fresh fruit juice. Looking at mugs in the cupboard, we seem to spend about 3 seconds to consider which cup shall be taken according to the contents. Of course if you have a favorite cup, it tends to be used continuously. This is probably the moment when the taste of individual is reflected.”

Korean company MMMG introduces the fifth version of glass cups for the summer 2014. Tyra von Zweigbergk is one of the designers, lauching her two cups ‘PARK’ and ‘GHOST’.


Tyra von Zweigbergk – Kaka På Kaka

September 2014

Tyra von Zweigbergk designed the Kaka på Kaka logo in collaboration with Maja Sten.

TVZ Fullersta2

Tyra von Zweigbergk – Last Chance

September 2014

Get your butt out to Fullersta Gård to enjoy Tyra von Zweigbergks exhibition: Be Careful In April, July Will Be Safe. This is the last weekend!


Tyra von Zweigbergk – Exhibition

June 2014

Don’t miss out on Be Careful in April, July Will Be Safe, Tyra von Zweigbergk‘s upcoming solo exhibition at Fullersta Gård in Huddinge, Sweden. Showing from 7th June til 7th September 2014.


Tyra von Zweigbergk – The Sweptaways Song Book

February 2014

The Sweptaways are 20 women singing choir pop songs, dressed in colour coordinated costumes. The Stockholm-based choir was formed in 2003 and has collaborated with numerous artists.

The choir have now released a The Sweptaways Song Book! A book full of the groups’ song texts, notes and pictures from the 10 years of singing together. Book design and illustrations by Tyra von Zweigbergk.

The Sweptaways Song Book is available at Woo Shop on Hökens gata 8 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Publishing company: Ooh Aah Records & Publishing.


Tyra von Zweigbergk – APO

November 2013

Just in time for the winter season the Swiss snowboard and ski maker APO launches this amazing snowboard ‘Hype’, designed by Tyra von Zweigbergk. Make sure you’ll get one by clicking here now!