Karl Grandin – Omnipollo posters

November 2014

There are still a few available prints from Karl Grandin’s show The Omnipollo at Kuvva Gallery in Amsterdam, 2014. Choose from 18 different limited, printed artwork. Be sure to be get one by clicking here!

Pigment print on 340 gram Cold Press Natural paper. 50 × 70 cm. Edition of 10. Signed and numbered. 300-320 Euro.

Karl Grandin – The Omnipollo

September 2014

Karl Grandin
The Omnipollo
September 18th — November 3rd 2014

Impressions are something hard to put into words — or images. They are fleeting, fractured, and never give an objective overview of the experience. As such, no two impressions are ever the same and it is this Karl Grandin seeks to explore with the show, “The Omnipollo,” at Kuvva Gallery. Herein, the viewer is introduced to Omnipollo, the nomadic beer-brewing project headed by Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin that designs and brews small-scale batches of craft beer in cooperation with breweries around the world, and its mythology. The story of Omnipollo has grown, shifted and developed as the project has. It is no set thing but a shifting, organic project that, while spearheaded by these Swedish beer-enthusiasts, remains an individual experience.

Kuvva Gallery, Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL


Björn Atldax of Vår – Tulipaqs exhibition

August 2014

Tulipaqs exhibition at Riche in Stockholm, Thursday 28th August at 17PM. Be there!


Björn Atldax’s exhibition at Riche is made up of 14 sculptures called Tupilaqs. In Greenlandic Inuit traditions, a Tupilak was an avenging monster made by shamans using various animal parts – bone, skin, hair, sinew, etc. The creature was given life by ritualistic chants. It was then placed into the sea to seek and destroy a specific enemy.

Put together from animal remains Atldax has found in the forest and other places these sculptures embody dark and humorous totemic figures, like diabolical pets or miniature Frankenstein’s Monsters. At Riche the effigies are displayed in glass vitrines piled one upon the other like a pagan pyre. Each is identified with its title in a brass display in the style of categorization in a Natural History Museum or Cabinet of Curiosities. Here the titles are the names of the artist’s and the Tupilaq’s intended victims – from an old school teacher, to a local politician, to more historical figures.

Originating in a strong interest in the work of writers and artists like H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton-Smith and Hieronymus Bosch, Atldax has long engaged in the bizarre, unorthodox and distasteful. Examining themes around myths, religion and politics he has made typefaces from bones, coloured T-shirts in pigs blood, covered a jacket in cured ham amongst other things.

Björn Atldax was born in Stockholm in 1973. He has worked as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer since 1996, both solo and as one half of Vår together with Karl Grandin. Atldax was one of the small group that started the Cheap Monday Jeans Brand in 2004. He graduated Beckmans School of Design 1999. Björn Atldax and Grandin designed and built the toilets in Lilla Baren, Riche and have designed the posters for the Summer Clubs at Riche since 2003.

/Ben Loveless, Stockholm, Augusti 2014.


Vår – Hove

June 2014

This year’s Hove Festival poster is here! Parading with names such as M.I.A., Azelia Banks, The 1975 and Bastille, the Norwegian festival is set for major musical experiences during 28th June – 3rd July. The magical poster is designed by Vår.


Vår – Riche

June 2014

Vår created the poster for Lilla Baren’s summer clubs at Riche. In total you can hang out at 10 different clubs all summer (6st of June – 16th of August) at Lilla Baren, so swing by!

Also this year it’s the 10th anniversary of the summer clubs at Lilla Baren. During these ten years Vår has, besides creating the Lilla Baren logo, delivered genius illustrations to the summer clubs. All theses limited Vår creations can now be purchased at the bar at Lilla Baren. The exhibition will be open until 16th of August.


Light Sleeper, Heavy Dreamer – Karl Grandin

March 2014

The exhibition “Light Sleeper, Heavy Dreamer”, by Karl Grandin of Vår, is premiered today 20th of March at Taverna Brillo in Stockholm. It starts with a preview tonight between 6 pm – 8 pm at the exhibition space ’Växthuset’ at Taverna Brillo. The exhibition will be open until end of April.

“The remodeled RAF neon sculpture ‘Light Sleeper, Heavy Dreamer’, which lends its title to the exhibition, can be seen as an ironic expression of how the thrust of revolutionary movements has become absorbed by popular culture and commodified as images of dissent. Here, advertising is exposed as the ultimate example of a leveling tolerance that incorporates any gesture of dissent in the homogenization and commodification of culture.” says curator Nathalie Åhbeck, read more here.

Vår – Omnipollo

February 2014

3 years of the multi-award winning brewery Omnipollo was celabrated with the limited edition India Pale Ale GONE. All the bottles were sold out in one day!!! Yes, you should definately keep an eye out for Omnipollo the next time you go to a bar or restaurant or even Systembolaget. Nebuchadnezzar, an imperial IPA, was awarded a gold medal and Best of Show at the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival 2012. The pale ale Mazarin was awarded gold at the same festival 2013. A glass designed by A-B-C was created for use when drinking Leon. Logotypes and graphic design by Karl Grandin of Vår.


Vår – Valet är ditt

February 2014

Choosing high school can be difficult. The city of Stockholm has dedicated a whole website only for the purpose of giving information about the educations. Vår was commissioned to create a dozen of playful characters to guide the teenagers and their parents through all the choices.

Agency: Brand Emotional Response Group

Restaurang Volt Art Sale

November 2013

Have you been drewling over the art at Restaurang Volt? Visit the restaurant on Sunday 1st December at 3PM-5PM. You might be one of the lucky people to get hold of a wonderful handcoloring by Björn Atldax of Vår. Prices from 2.000 SEK. Address: Kommendörsgatan 16 in Stockholm.


Vår – Junkyard XXXY

September 2013

Junkyard, the Swedish online shop for cool kids and skaters, recently launched a new line with the label Junkyard XXXY. Logotype designed by Björn Atldax of Vår.


Vår – Absolut Amber

September 2013

Absolut is challenging the status quo with Absolut Amber; taking the essence of Absolut and adding a rich, complex character from gently roasted oak wood. It has specifically been created for those who are not afraid to break rules and are looking to engage their senses in a deeper encounter with Absolut. Vår designed the symbol for this taste.

Agency: The Brand Union


Vår – Hove Festival

August 2013

Hovefestivalen in Arendal is the largest Music Festival in Norway. Vår has designed all prints for the 5th year in a row!


Vår – Brygg Öl

August 2013

‘Brygg Öl’, Sweden’s first book about brewing beer, was written by the founders of the awarded brewery Omnipollo, Karl Grandin and Henok Fentie. The book design and all illustrations are made by Karl Grandin of Vår.


Vår – Tiger of Sweden

August 2013

Beside being talented graphic designers and illustrators, Vår also make all-over pattern and prints. Recently Tiger of Sweden has launched an accessories line with patterns by the duo.


Vår – Telia

August 2013

The latest outdoor campaign from Telia, Sweden’s largest phone company, was illustrated by Vår.

Vår – Restaurang Volt

June 2013

Björn Atldax of Vår continues to decorate the walls of the luxurious restaurant Volt in Stockholm. For each season the restaurant composes a new menu based on organic meat or poultry and the seasonal greens and combines them to an exquisite taste journey.